Sorceress T-shirt

Doug Ecks
2 min readApr 1, 2024
Sorceress by Doug X

So this all started with Etsy…

I was looking for a D and D shirt. Because I wanted a fun shirt for the spring and Ren Faire season. And I found one for the Rogue, with a cute pic of a cat that said “What’s Mine is Mine and What’s Yours is Mine.” I’d leave a link, but I can’t find the shirt or store anymore.

After I bought the shirt, I got to thinking, and my competitive side took over. I write clever things I thought to myself, why can’t I write clever D and D class aphorisms, quips and witticisms and such.

And of course, there is the wonderful Night Cafe studios and their AI art to help me make the pretty pictures. Of course you can’t copyright AI art so feel free to distribute the pics all over the web…still I made them first ;)

And so that brings us to my Sorceress shirt. When I first started playing there was just the generic Magic User class. Not wizard, warlock, sorceress or what not. And the last RPG I played was Paranoia, which is a great game and I’ve talked about it elsewhere. (See my many Happiness is Mandatory images) But since Wizards have to study and Sorceresses inherit their ability to wield magic I thought of the tagline “Who needs to study when you’ve won the genetic lottery?”

And here’s the resulting shirt

I hope the fans of my writing, such as there are, will also be fans of my fashion line. I receive about a dollar’s commission on these shirts, so it’s for the love of the game not a wealth gaining exercise.

I just want to put my ideas into the noosphere as it were.

Also Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate religious type things.



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