Sinema the Saboteur

Doug Ecks
3 min readJun 26, 2022
Saboteur created with DALL-E

Kyrsten Sinema, along with Joe Manchin, has made a name for herself by impeding the Democratic agenda. In the process she has shown a desire for the approval of one Mitch McConnell, the leader of the party she theoretically is not a member of. The question I’ve been struggling with is if she doesn’t want to act like a Democrat, why is she still a Democrat? And the answer I’ve come up with is that she and Joe Manchin are Democrats to deliberately sabotage the Democrat brand and deliver 2022/24 elections for Republicans. They are saboteurs.

Is there evidence to support this claim? Well here is a video of her voting thumbs down against minimum wage, where she tries to get the attention of Moscow Mitch, before doing her theatrical curtsy while condemning Americans to a stagnant wage and effective poverty.

Her approval rating in Arizona has tanked and Democratic voters in Arizona feel betrayed. She has also proved immune to whatever pressure Biden may have exerted in private negotiations. Part of that is the donations corporate America has heaped into her coffers. Still one imagines there is more to politics than money and Biden should be able to bring some suasion upon her in terms of party politics, to the extent that he is motivated to do so.

So why does she remain a Democrat. She could, by crossing the aisle, deliver the Senate control back to Mitch McConnell and he might be so emotionally moved he gives her the shoulder pat she so badly craves from him. Yet this hasn’t happened.

I don’t believe it’s because deep down Sinema thinks she’s doing good for the Democratic party or what’s best for America. Nor do I believe she thinks staying a Democrat is what’s best for her political (as opposed to economic) future with her approval ratings tanking in Arizona. (Though there is some evidence for this.)

I believe Sinema (and Manchin) remain Democrats because that’s the best strategy for Republican politics. That’s right, I said Republican strategy. Sinema and Manchin have received large donations for opposing the Dem agenda and…

Doug Ecks

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