Can Someone explain why Dejoy is still running the Post Office?

Doug Ecks
2 min readJul 9, 2022
Thinking by Doug X (with DallE mini)

I posed this question on twitter and it received over 190 likes and dozens of replies so it resonated with some people.

Replies ranged from those who think both parties want to privatize the post office to those who cited the process, that he would be fired by Board Members, not by Joe Biden.

While it is true Biden doesn’t have the direct power to fire Dejoy, apparently that power resides with the Board of Governors to protect the Post Office from direct political influence.

Biden could have placed pressure on Dejoy to resign given he was under an FBI investigation for much of Biden’s tenure. He might’ve done some more arm twisting in the senate to get his nominees appointed rather than help up in committees for six months.

So with Biden’s nominees approved, his nominees now outnumber Trump nominees. According to “The better way is to count members by president: Biden now has five appointees on the USPS board (three Democrats, one Republican, and one independent), while Trump has four appointees (three Republicans and a Democrat).”

So with Biden’s picks in place as of May 2022, the argument that Biden is unable to do anything because of the Board of Governors becomes effectively circular. Biden picked this Board of Governors. It is impossible to imagine that in the selecting of them he or his people somehow forgot to ask “Oh by the way old boy, what do you think of this Dejoy chap?”

DeJoy is the Postmaster General because Biden wants him there. Why the Democratic President wants a Trump supporter as head of the Post Office is beyond me? I can only go back to Biden’s presidential origins, he was pulled out of retirement by Republican donors as a precaution against Bernie winning the primary. If Republican donors are the reason we have Biden, it is not altogether surprising if he pursues Republican goals from time to time.

Doug Ecks

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