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Doug Ecks, Esq is a lawyer and member of NLG-LA. He is also a stand up comic and the author of “Necromancer in Chief” as Doug X.
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Florida governor Ron DeSantis has banned mask mandates in his state. Read that again. He didn’t mandate masks, he didn’t ban venues from opening without mask mandates, no for DeSantis the problem isn’t the virus, it’s combating the virus.

Governor Abbott has similarly banned mask mandates in Texas making it…

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The Q-anon types have a new favourite theory ‘Devolution.’ A substack author ‘Patriot Patel’ wrote up his theory that sometime in December Trump transferred the powers of the U.S. government to some other power structure, which he became head of when he left the White House.

I’m not interested in…

Bouncing lottery balls
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While Republicans are raving about ‘stop the steal’ and invading the Capitol building as they do, there are some details that are getting overlooked. Republicans actually far outperformed in the election compared to the polling. In fact they did so to a wildly improbably degree. In 27 House races marked…

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I have a friend (try not to look so surprised) who’s a retired Engineer and she always asks the best questions. In our last conversational iteration she asked me both “What do you think love is?” and “What does dating mean to you?”

I said the definition of love that resonated with me “was when their happiness means more to you than your own,”

Now as far as dating, I said, with nary a pause for thought, “dating is whatever hoops I have to jump through so the other person will feel sufficiently wooed to make out with me.” Cue startled laughter from her.

And no that’s not a euphemism for sex. Sex is fun sure, but for someone who hasn’t had sex in 3 years (and counting) what I miss is the kissing. And the getting there, “the never-ending journey to first base.”

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Being wrong is awful. Double plus ungood as they would say in 1984 ‘newspeak.’ And yet, as the saying goes ‘to err is human…” as Alexander Pope put it. …

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Once again the Senate Parliamentarian has told the DemocratsI say thee nay” as the old Thor comics used to put it. And Democrats, the eponymous mice in the title of the article, folded like a 99 cent card table.

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In 2004 there was an attempt to make voting appeal to young people with the slogan “Vote or Die.” In Texas it might be more accurate to say ‘vote And die’ when a man killed a woman and shot her husband for casting their vote for Joe Biden.

According to…

Doug Ecks

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