Doug Ecks, Esq is a lawyer and member of NLG-LA. He is also a stand up comic and the author of “Necromancer in Chief” as Doug X.
Bouncing lottery balls
Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash

While Republicans are raving about ‘stop the steal’ and invading the Capitol building as they do, there are some details that are getting overlooked. Republicans actually far outperformed in the election compared to the polling. In fact they did so to a wildly improbably degree. In 27 House races marked…

Kyle Rittenhouse looks to judge Image from Fox News

So this story was inspired by a tweet embedding a short clip from the trial.

Now that tweet claims the judge is basically an additional defense attorney, which I don’t agree with, at least not from the clip embedded.

However I did focus on a moment, really several moments…

Doug Ecks

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