Doug Ecks, Esq is a lawyer and member of NLG-LA. He is also a stand up comic and the author of “Necromancer in Chief” as Doug X.
Bouncing lottery balls
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While Republicans are raving about ‘stop the steal’ and invading the Capitol building as they do, there are some details that are getting overlooked. Republicans actually far outperformed in the election compared to the polling. In fact they did so to a wildly improbably degree. In 27 House races marked…

Screenshot Guys and Dolls 1955

I watched Guys and Dolls the musical yesterday and several things stood out to me that I hadn’t noticed before. The first, is that I’m convinced someone on staff had a smoking fetish. Consider the image below, set in a club in Havana. …

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I just saw the following tweet, quoting Lawrence Tribe

saying “When will the Justice Department promptly and exhaustively investigate the part of the coup attempt that I believe came perilously close to ending American constitutional democracy, basically, without a drop of blood?”

I take exception to this idea. The…

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The election was rigged. That’s what Trump says. Or maybe it wasn’t. Since electronic voting machines that connect to the internet are used to count the votes, there is no certainty. It’s the Schrödinger’s cat of democracy.

27 out of 27 toss up races went Republican in 2020, an unprecedented…

Doug Ecks

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